Nottingham Vending Machine For Homeless First Of It's Kind In UK

19 December 2017, 12:34 | Updated: 19 December 2017, 12:48

Homeless vending machine Nottingham Action Hunger

A vending machine has been set up for homeless people in Nottingham - in what has been described as the first of it's kind.

Charity Action Hunger has stocked a machine in the city's Broadmarsh shopping centre with things like biscuits, fruit, water, energy bars and warming clothes like hats, gloves and blankets. 

The charity says it doesn't want to replace services but give those sleeping rough a lifeline if they need help.

Up to 100 key cards have been made to give to rough sleepers in the city, which can be used three times a day to get anything they like from the vending machine. 

People get the key cards through West Bridgford based homelessness centre The Friary. 

Chris was one of the first ones to use it. He said: "It has come at the right time of year with the gloves and hats and that. I just hope they maybe do a hot food one in future. 

"This will help me get something to eat at night at least. It's a good idea. And it's in a nice, private part where not many people walk through. It'll stop people going 'oh look there's another homeless person'."


Edward Wilding, one of Action Hunger's trustees told Capital they have plans to roll this out to other towns and cities. He said: "We got six machines gifted to us to trial the idea. We've put this one in here and we are then going to look at other cities next year, starting with Manchester. 

"But we have had so much interest. We had calls from other towns and cities and we've had the offer of 100 machines from other companies, so it could really work to help combat homelessness."