East Mids Gang Mentors Help Denmark

7 February 2014, 07:56 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

An East Midlands group that helps teenagers avoid inner city gangs is flying to Denmark to show experts how they can keep kids out of trouble.

The mentors in Nottingham are taking their 'model' of how to motivate young people to stay out of gangs to politicians and media.

Experts in Denmark want to implement what they're calling the 'Nottingham Model'.

'I've changed their lives'

Marcellous Baz runs the Nottingham School of Boxing where young people who live in different gang areas in the city go to try and break down postcode rivalries:

'One of the main reasons is that our young guys, coaches and mentors have been there and done it.

'Now, they want to give something back and they've got a very good relationship with the young people.'

Luke is 26 and a mentor:

'I was in a bad place in my life when I was a lot younger.

'They've helped me redirect my life and give me hope.'

Dwaine is 19 and from St Anns, he's part of the team going to Denmark:

'I know people who are in gangs and doing drugs and this and that, if they come to Nottingham School of Boxing, join the program, that's going to make me feel good because I've changed their lives.'