Brit in NYC Lockdown

A Nottingham woman who's living in New York has told Capital, a city-wide snow lockdown yesterday was really weird.

Alexandra King spoke to us from New York overnight:

'There were no cars allowed on the streets last night after 11pm.

'I work for the United Nations and that was closed.

'Everything has shut down, they say this is the city that never sleeps, but everything is sleeping now'.

Up to a metre of snow was expected to fall but it got no where neear that and the lockdown was lifted, snow is forecast for the East Midlands though.

Forecasters Got It Wrong

Authorities in New York City, which saw as little as 4 inches of snow, have denied overreacting to the storm.

A day after shutting down the subway and warning people to get ready for one of the largest blizzards in the city's history, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said they had "dodged the bullet".

The US National Weather Service (NWS) has admitted its forecasts were wrong, after predicting a "potentially historic blizzard".