MCAT Warning After Deaths

Two people whose bodies were found at separate addresses in Leicestershire at the weekend may have taken a form of the drug ketamine or MCAT

A 59-year-old woman was found in Leicester on Saturday and a 32-year-old man was found in Melton yesterday.

Police aren't treating their deaths as suspicious but remain unexplained. 

Detectives are advising anyone who's bought a similar drug online not to take it and to contact the police or health expert.

Detective Inspector Rob Widdowson, said: 

''We are investigating the circumstances leading to the deaths of these two people in order to prepare files for the coroner.

''One of our lines of enquiry is that prior to their deaths both people may have taken a drug known medically as Methoxetamine, which is a form of the drug Ketamine and may have been purchased over the internet. However, we believe that both people believed that they were taking a drug which is referred to as MCAT or Mephadrone.

''As a result, we are issuing a warning to anyone who has obtained this or similar substances not to take it and to contact the police or other health professionals.''

Police have told Capital they are linking the two deaths.