Loughborough Teen Jailed Over Child Abduction And Drugs Charges

21 January 2015, 18:53 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

A Loughborough teenager's been locked up for nearly four years for child abduction and drugs charges.

Rukhon Uddin - who's 19 and from Ratcliffe Road - pleaded guilty after being arrested last May.

Police started an investigation after the parent of a teenage girl got in touch with them with suspicions she was with him in a hotel room. 

Uddin appeared at Leicester Crown Court on Friday where he was sentenced to a total of three years and nine months.
He was also handed a five year Sex Offenders Prevention Order and a five year restraining order.
Uddin was also charged with the offences of possession with intent to supply after large quantities of class B drugs were found at his home address on the two occasions it was searched by officers.

Detective Constable Lisa Wood, the investigating officer, said: “Thankfully in this case, the girl’s parents took an active interest in what their child was doing socially and made contact with police with their concerns.

“Uddin used his street cred as a drug dealer to entice this young girl and gain her trust. He repeatedly ignored the conditions of the warning notice given by police to not make contact with the girl and as a result of this and his drug offences, he is now serving a prison sentence.”