Leicester's Royal Shoes

8 March 2012, 14:40 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Capital's caught up with one De Montford University Student who's life is set to change after the Duchess Of Cambridge chose her design to be made into a pair shoes for the royal to own.

Kate had to pick between five designs during her Royal visit to De Montford University this lunchtime, Winning designer Becka Hunt, 20, said she could not believe her shoes will now be made for the Duchess.

Becka said: ``I really just can't believe it. I'm overwhelmed.

``She came over and said she loved all the designs. I cannot believe I've been chosen.''

Miss Hunt said her design was inspired by 19th century elegance and the blue colour was taken from the Duchess's engagement ring.
Students who talked to the royal visitors outside the university were bowled over.

Lingerie design student Polly Shelton, 21, said: ``I told Kate she looked gorgeous and she said 'I like your lipstick'.
``I can't believe it. She loves my lipstick. I can't even remember what colour it is.
``Then she smiled and walked off. But that's enough for me.
``She is so elegant - breathtaking.''

Listen to the moment Capital caught up with Becka:

Royal Shoes