More Police; No Disorder

11 August 2011, 14:10 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Another trouble-free night in the East Midlands but the police presence stays high.

Courts have been sitting through the night again to fastrack sentencing for rioters, 165 people have been arrested in the East Midlands.

In Nottingham 69 people have been charged and overnight in Leicester, two men handed themselves in after seeing their photos on CCTV images.

After helping The Met Police in London, officers from Derbyshire will be back in the East Midlands later, they've been patrolling areas like Camden since Tuesday.


Since Tuesday, applications to become Special Constables have doubled in Derbyshire; in Nottinghamshire, people have been getting in touch on Twitter.

 Superintendent Paul Anderson; Special Constabulary

Teenager Reaction

Some teenagers in Nottingham have told Capital that their reputations have been permanently damaged by images of young people looting and causing trouble during the riots.

Teenagers in Notts; riots damage reputations

Other teenagers say there's nothing to aspire to and little hope for them if they come from the poorest neighbourhoods.

Teenagers in Notts; can understand trouble

Police Support

All forces have praised the way the public have supported their work over the last few days.

In Nottingham an estimated 10,000 messages of supporthas come through Facebook and Twitter since Tuesday.

The number of people following the force on Twitter has grown enormously since the beginning of the week. Around 2,000 followers have increased to more than 16,000, with thousands more following the specially set up hashtag #nottspolicelatest.

In Derby officers want to thank the public for the huge support they have shown to the force during this period and that they welcome the information they have been given to us and also the positive backing they've shown to officers and staff.

In Leicester their twitter account was inundated with message of support. When Capital was in the city centre we saw people just going up to officers thanking them for all their hard work.

Advice to people affected by the disturbance

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has today announced a single helpline number - 0845 366 1207 - to help businesses and individuals across the East Midlands adversely affected by the recent disorder.

They can help with things like:

- Sorting out payment schedules with those who are unable to pay their tax bills due to short-term financial difficulties.

- Talk through practical solutions where businesses and individuals cannot meet their other obligations to HMRC - for instance, their records have been lost or destroyed in the disturbances.