Knife Amnesty

A Championship footballer has told Capital he's backing a knife amnesty cus he's a dad and some of his friends have been threatened in the past.

Derby striker and former Forest player Nathan Tyson is backing the campaign by Derbyshire Police.

The forces has told Capital that children as young as 10 and 11 have been caught with knives and they want to reduce the risk of weapons falling into the wrong hands.

The amnesty has been organised by Operation Redshank, a specialist team set up to tackle gang crime in the city, and is being supported by Derby County Football Club.

Between November 1 and December 1, people can hand knives in at police stations in Derby, or at the mobile police station.

Nathan Tyson on Knife Amnesty


Superintendent Gary Parkin, head of operations for Derby division told Capital:

“This amnesty is about making the streets of Derby safer by removing knives and other blades that could otherwise fall into the wrong hands.

We are working with Derby County Football Club to encourage young people in the city to hand their knives in at police stations, no questions asked. They may feel they need to carry a knife as some kind of status symbol, or to fit in with a group of friends, but having a knife is a serious crime.

People who carry knives often end up being injured themselves and the penalty for having a knife is up to four years in prison. Turn your knife in before someone turns it on you.”

Derby County striker Nathan Tyson told Capital:

“We’re supporting the police during this amnesty because there is an important message that needs to be shared with young people in Derby; knives are dangerous and we need to get them off our streets.

I would urge anyone who carries a knife to take advantage of the knife bins and turn them in safely.”

During the amnesty, knives can be handed in at police stations in St Mary’s Wharf, Cotton Lane and Derby’s Market Place. The mobile police station will accept knives at;

  • Allenton shops on November 7th
  • Browning Circle on November 14th
  • Asda, in Arleston Lane, Sinfin on November 21st
  • Peartree area on November 28th

During the last amnesty in 2009, organised by police and Derby Community Safety Partnership, more than 200 knives were handed in for destruction