Final Harry Potter Hits Cinemas

14 July 2011, 07:38 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Loads of cinemas across the East Midlands will be open at midnight for the first screenings of the final Harry Potter movie *sheds tear*

The Deathly Hallows Part 2 finishes the series of films after 10 years.

In six of some of the biggest cinemas in the East Midlands, the movie is being shown almost 200 times tomorrow.

Big Release

Film experts reckon it could have a record breaking opening weekend at the box office.

Paul Fox is from the Showcase Cinema Deluxe in Leicester:

"If you take things like James Bond, Twilight, Spiderman, they'll all be increased show numbers but I think this is probably the biggest release I've experienced in 17 years in the industry."

Emma Watson Talks Potter

Star Emma Watson has been telling Capital that's it's been an amazing experience:

"You can't have regrets in life. I feel like I've learnt so much, I wouldn't change anything really.

"I feel like I've been to this amazing acting training school and I'm excited to go and use what I've learnt."

The film's stars have worked on the movies since they were 10 or 11 and the actress has told us how she's moving on from character Hermione, starting with her hair!:

"I wasn't able to cut my hair for like 10 years, so the minute I got a chance I was like 'right!'

"They actually 'buzz cut' the back of my hair, it was pretty fun!"

The Trailer