Fake JLS Clothes - Two Men Caught

Two men from Nottingham who made fake JLS and One Direction clothes avoid jail.

The pair made thousands of pounds after putting the clothes on E-bay. 

Trading Standards investigated after complaints - both men admitted selling the goods online 

Cllr Alex Norris said: "Counterfeiting is a serious crime. Not only do the perpetrators gain profit from exploiting the hard work and financial investment of legitimate Trade Mark holders; counterfeit goods do not pass any checks, are often of very poor quality and in some cases can even be dangerous. Material used can be highly flammable or items poorly stitched, thus making them particularly dangerous for young children." 

In sentencing, Judge Lea confirmed that this was a serious economic crime and there was a loss to legitimate Trade Mark Holders. Both men were sentenced to five months imprisonment suspended for two years and a Community Sentence of 150 hours.