Driving Tests From University?

Nottingham Trent is first in country to offer tests - Capital took the VERY FIRST ONE!!

From today (Tuesday 12) people taking their driving tests will be able to go from the site at Clarendon Street in Nottingham. 

Tests from the Clifton campus started yesterday, and the trial will last upto six weeks.

Stephen Hammond is from the DSA: 

"The trial will help us understand how we can best provide a service for driving test candidates using universities. 

I am delighted that Nottingham Trent University is leading the way on opening up their sites not only to students but also the general public. 

This builds on our recent announcement to conduct driving tests from branches of Halfords and DSA is also in discussion with areas of the Fire and Rescue Service."

Michael Lees is Nottingham Trent University head of customer services: 

"This is a great scheme for us to be involved in and we're extremely proud to become the first university that will have on-site driving test centres. 

Not only will it benefit our students, but because members of the public will also take their tests from two of our campuses, it will help increase our links with the wider community as a whole."

Capital's Sarah Urwin took the test from the city site - the first person ever to do that route - and passed (with a few minors!) nearly 8 years after passing her test originally (on a second attempt mind...)

Check out her test paper in the photo!