Don't Game & Drive: Pokémon Go Warning

21 July 2016, 06:38 | Updated: 21 July 2016, 06:43

Pokémon Go

More than a third of Pokémon Go players have admitted to playing while driving.

Of the over 18's researchers spoke to, 89% said they were only driving at the same time cus they were close to catching a rare monster.

Here's a break down of the accidents players have had:

  • I have walked into a someone else - 58%
  • I have walked into a parked car - 42%
  • I have fallen over - 37%
  • I have almost been involved in a road accident - 21%
  • I have walked into a door - 19%

72% of players said they thought the app was safe.

Charity Safety Concerns

Safety Charity Brake is worried someone could get hurt playing the game.

Mike Bristow, from the group, says it's ridiculous people aren't closing the app while driving:

'We are hearing one or two stories are people being involved in crashes, near misses, as a result of playing Pokemon Go.

'The bottom line is, you don't need to be doing that while driving.'