Dangers of 'Sexting'

16 September 2013, 07:17 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Capital's been told young people have taken overdoses after intimate photos were shared with classmates by text.

The Safeguarding Children's team in Derby say 'Sexting' is one of the main problems they're investigating right now, with police and child protection experts in the East Midlands monitoring it.

Mandy Mcdonald is from the Safeguarding Children's team:

'I've come across young people who have not wanted to go to school because an image has been sent to everyone.

'The main concern is young people taking overdoses and attempting suicide, that's the extreme end of how it impacts on young people.

Dealing With It

Experts say they can deal with this type of text and help is there for anyone who needs it.

Mandy's been telling Capital how they can resolve issues:

'The message to young people is that this type of thing is happening and you can get over it.

'We can deal with it, we can remove pictures from sites, we can't take away the fact that it's happened but we can deal with the after effects.'