Stopping Cyber Bullying

Notts pupils say talking to other students helps.

Children in the East Midlands as young as 11 are experiencing cyber bullying - and students trying to stop it - have told Capital it helps having other pupils to chat to.

We've been at Ashfield school in Nottinghamshire to find out what work is being done to stop bullying - ahead of the National Anti-Bullying week.

They have a peer-mentor system - so younger students can confide in older students - who may have been there and experienced problems  - and can help them sort it out.

As one student - 12 year old Bethany explained to us "they can talk to us, and we can give them advice on what we've done, whereas teachers maybe can't remember - or it didn't happen then because cyber bullying is quite a new thing"

The school is running a series of assemblies and a workshop for parents to learn about cyber bullying.

Teacher Linda Maguire has this advice for people who may be experiencing cyber bullying - be it on Facebook, Twitter, or using text messages and BBM "they need to be doing screenshots of Facebook pages, saving conversations on BBM, and those things can mean we end  up solving the problem in the long run.

To hear more from the pupils we spoke with - click the links below:

Bethany and Amelia are year 8 peer mentors:

Cyber Bullying - Bethany


Cyber Bullying - Amelia


Phillipa and Alexander are involved in a theatre production about bullying that they perform to other students:


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Cyber Bullying - Alexander


Hear what their teacher has to say on bullying:


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