Crime House Trains Students & Police

13 January 2015, 07:20 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

A house, full of crime scenes, has been built at Derby Uni to train forensic students.

It'll also be used as a training base for new recruits like police, ambulance and fire crews.

The Forensic Training Facility cost £410,000 and looks like a normal house from the outside but inside re up to seven replica crime scenes, including a bedroom, bathroom, office, shop, garage and living room.

Blood Splatter Room

It's been built near to the University’s Kedleston Road site and has a blood pattern analysis room thought to to be the only one in a UK university.

The house is fitted with CCTV and audio-visual equipment so tutors can monitor students from a distance, so they can work crime scenes independently in a real-life setting.

Dr. Ian Turner, Head of Forensic Science at the University of Derby, told Capital:

'This is a really exciting development for the University.

'Having this resource onsite allows us to give our students the skills needed to develop a career in forensic science because they are learning in a real life context, with the same equipment and facilities used by professionals.'

Uni, Police & Students on new Crime House