Abuse Survivor Tells His Story

14 January 2015, 06:40 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Survivors of child abuse will meet at Parliament later, along with whistleblowers, to discuss the inquiry into organised and institutional abuse.

They'd like more to be done to help survivors get justice.

Drugs and prostitution

Nigel O'Mara from Nottingham is joining around 300 other survivors to talk about what happened to him telling Capital it had a huge impact on his life:

'I was a victim of sexual abuse from a very young age, that lead to catastrophic events in my life.

'It ended up with me being taken into care, being involved in prostitution, being involved in hard drugs.'

Survivor Not Victim

Nigel was eventually able to get help when he was 22 and went on to set up the country's very fist child abuse helpline for male survivors:

'There is a reason I use the term survivor not victim and that's because many of my friends aren't here, they're dead, they didn't survive.'

Nigel has told Capital he thinks all victims should get the chance to tell their story and that's what he'd like from the inquiry into abuse.

Nigel talks to Capital about child abuse