£1k Fine For Dog Owners

If they don't keep dogs on leads in one area of Nottingham - after reports of attacks.

One of the country's biggest ever Dog Control Orders is starting in Nottingham.

It's claimed dogs are being used weapons to intimidate and attack people in Lenton Abbey Park - 

The new order which starts today - means owners have to keep their dogs on leads at all times or risk a fine of up to 1 thousand pounds.

Richard Antcliff, Head of Neighbourhood Enforcement: "Although other cities have Dog Control Orders that cover larger areas, this is believed to be the largest one with these particular stipulations, namely requiring dog owners to keep their dogs on a lead.

Failing to pick up dog faeces is a crime anywhere in Nottingham but introduction of this order means that the fine payable can be up to £1000. Following a number of serious complaints of anti-social behaviour, where dogs were allegedly being used as weapons to intimidate and attack people.

Dogs had been attacked and there were reports of dog fights being set up in the park where dogs were trained to attack each other. Other reports made to Police include injuries having been sustained by both dogs and people in the Lenton Abbey area. Dog fouling was also reported as a significant problem."