WATCH: Charlie Puth Get Hilariously Distracted From Performing With This Racy Fan Sign

1 August 2018, 15:20

As a global superstar, you get pretty used to seeing fans hold up crazy signs and throw themselves at you, but Charlie Puth couldn't keep a straight face as two fans held up a pretty cheeky sign...

Charlie Puth is in the midst of his 'Voicenotes' tour (and killing it) and he was in for a surprise whilst performing in Chicago and even couldn't help cracking up as the cameras switched to two fans in the audience holding up giant letters that spelt out 'Do Me'. Got to lover a trier, hey?

The 'Attention' singer even gave the girls a special shout out after the show, hilariously admitting he didn't realise the naughty message they were spelling out, thinking the letters simply read "Dome". Bless.

We don't think there's anything in this world as precious as Charlie mistaking his fan's sign, apart from the fact he practically apologised to them afterwards on Twitter.

What. A. Guy.

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