Special Delivery From GBK

A team from GBK, Manchester headed down to the Teenage Cancer Trust unit at the Christie this week, loaded with burgers to give out to the teenagers on the ward.

According to Pen, the support coordinator, everyone was up unusually early (well, for teenagers!) in anticipation of the delivery.

GBK got to tour the ward and were taken aback by the facilities and the kindness of the staff.  What with the music room, the computers and the chill out areas, you can really see how a ward dedicated to teenagers can make a massive difference.

Ryan (in the picture) was keen to have his photo taken to raise awareness of cancer in teenagers.  He’s also been motivated by his experience and set up his own website to support those who have been in similar situations. 

At the end of the visit, GBK were even given an impromptu performance by some of the Young Oncology Unit band members and Ryan, who had recently learnt to play the guitar on the ward - it was a great end to a fantastic trip.

Thank you to GBK and everyone involved.

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