WATCH: What’s Making Roman, Vick & Sonny Nervous For Make Some Noise Day…

13 September 2019, 08:00 | Updated: 13 September 2019, 10:42

Roman, Vick, and Sonny are gearing up for an even bigger Make Some Noise challenge
Roman, Vick, and Sonny are gearing up for an even bigger Make Some Noise challenge. Picture: Global

Watch Roman, Vick and Sonny's surprise to be presented with an ever crazier challenge for this year's Make Some Noise and find out how you can get involved here!

Make Some Noise Day is back on Friday 11th October!

It’s that time of the year when presenters from across the Global family take on crazy challenges and get involved in fabulous fundraising for our charity, Global’s Make Some Noise.

Last year, we had Roman and Sonny go up against the legendary Dick & Dom for a giant, outdoor game of 'Bogies'- the first time the game had officially been rebooted in over 12 years!

This year, presenters are bracing themselves for even bigger, tougher challenges.

But who’s really calling the shots?

Stay tuned to Capital to hear what our presenters are doing to raise money for Make Some Noise.

Find out how you can get involved and challenge yourself for Global’s Make Some Noise...for small charities that change young lives.

Since 2014, Global’s Make Some Noise has helped to improve the lives of more than 73,000 children and young people and thousands more families, by supporting 224 small charities across the country.

Find out where your money goes here!

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