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Support the Help a Capital Child appeal by making a secure online donation and your funds will help Teenage Cancer Trust provide specialist hospital units and care for young people with cancer.

By making an online donation you can help us make a difference to teenagers living with cancer….

£10 means Harry Potter can help Hayley through her chemotherapy. This could buy books or a DVD for one of our wards. A simple thing, but it can help distract and entertain a young person whilst they go through hours of drug therapy.

£35 means there won’t be an awkward silence when Ross’s friends come to visit him. Visiting someone in hospital can be hard, especially for young people. £35 could buy a video game, so when friends come to visit, young cancer patients can do normal teenage things - there’s no need to sit around the bed looking uncomfortable.   

£100 means that Steven can have bangers and mash at 3am. When you’re having treatment for cancer, you’re not always hungry at mealtimes. £100 could buy a microwave to ensure young cancer patients can have a hot meal whenever they need it.  

£200 could help eight teenagers feel human again. Cancer treatment can be stressful, scary and draining for young people. £200 is enough to fund eight complementary therapy sessions, such as massage or acupuncture, to help young people relax and recover from the stress of dealing with treatment.  

£1,500 means Amy doesn’t have to spend her first night in hospital alone. This could fund somewhere for relatives to sleep overnight, meaning young patients can have their mum, dad, partner or friend close by during this frightening time. 

Donate Now


If you would prefer to make a donation by cheque then please make it payable to Help A Capital Child and send to Help A Capital Child, 30 Leicester Square, London WC2H 7LA

Thank you so much for your support.