Carl Hughes

What are you listening at the moment on your Ipod?

I really think Rihanna is on top of her game right now.  The guys from The Wanted are a good laugh in real life too, I love their debut album.  What a great 12 months they’ve had!

What's the most embarrassing track you have on your Ipod?

What do you mean A1 is embarrassing?  How rude.

Favourite gig you have been to?

The MTV Europe music awards a couple of years ago.  So many of the world’s biggest stars all under one roof.  I was in heaven.  Of course this will change this year when Rihanna comes to Birmingham.  I cannot wait!  Is it sad that I have tickets to all 3 of her confirmed dates?  Yes, I thought so.

Favourite Event?

Creamfields, Creamfields, Creamfields.  I went for the first time 3 years ago and I’ve never been to an outdoor music festival quite like it since.  One of my highlights was crowd surfing amongst 3 thousand people whilst Fat Boy Slim DJ’s right in front of me.  Incredible.  My Mum and Dad now live near the site of the Glastonbury festival yet I’ve never actually been.  That is next on the list.

Favourite place in Brum to relax?

I’ve got a bit of a thing for chilling out and sampling new foods and cultures with friends.  I must confess I am a bit of a food critic.  The service you get for me just adds to the whole experience and the great thing is Birmingham is full of fantastic restaurants and places to sample the world.  You’ll mainly see me munching on dishes in Brindley place, The Mailbox or China town.

Favourite places to hang out?

In the summer you’ll see me with my legs out in Sutton Park.  In the winter you’ll see me munching on some German sausage at the German market on Broad Street.  I’m a big film fan so in between this you’ll catch me checking out the latest in the box office at Star City, hanging out at a gig at the NEC, or just embarrassing myself with mates on a night out at the Mailbox or Broad Street.

Favourite thing about Birmingham?

Everything.  The shops, the nightlife, the restaurants, Aston Villa and of course the people are gorgeous!  I was born here at Good Hope hospital in Sutton Coldfield and went to school in Streetly and Walsall.  We’ve pretty much got everything that London has to offer, only the people are so much friendlier! 

What makes you laugh?

When Villa take on the Blues on Derby days and we beat them.  This makes me happy.  It makes my Uncle, a big Blues fan very unhappy.

What makes you sad?

When Villa take on the Blues on derby days and we get beaten.  This makes me sad.  It makes my Uncle, a big Blues fan very happy.

Who do you tell everything?

I have a habit of talking to myself quite a lot.  A bit embarrassing when you’re at New Street Station waiting for a train.  So probably myself.  At least I don’t answer back!

Favourite part of your body?

Now that would be telling.  I guess my semi ginger hair.  It means that if I ever get to interview Prince Harry, it means we already have something in common to talk about.  Result.

Why didn't you ask me about?

The time that I managed to close the M5 southbound out of Birmingham for 1 hour by accident.  Or the time I spilt tea on a very famous celebrity who then went on to call me a ‘’clumsy little boy’’.  Oh the gossip you could have had from me if only you had asked!

Most proud of?

Broadcasting to my home city on the world’s greatest radio station.  Being able to do what you love in life is pretty great, but in the city you were born is just incredible.  I feel very proud.
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