What do your doodles say about you?

We do it every day... Get bored and doodle on diaries, scrap paper, important documents... But find out what they mean!

A graphologist has translated the most common idle scribbles, and what you choose to doodle will reveal volumes about your personality and mood...  Apparently.

Here's the list!


- A good indication of the mood or character of the person who has drawn it.

- A nicely drawn, good-looking face suggests you see the good in others. If you sketch weird or ugly faces, you are probably mistrustful.


- The black and white chequerboard doodle suggests patience and persistence.

- Perhaps you are weighing-up various options regarding a tricky situation?

- It’s also the favourite doodle of people who are prone to mood swings.


- Soft, rounded petals around a circular flower centre suggest an amiable, family-centric person.


- Obviously a romantic doodle. Drawing a heart indicates you’re in love with love.


- Busy, highly-detailed doodles are often drawn by people with an obsessive nature, who simply will not let go of their ambitions or loved ones.

- This type of drawing is often a favourite with extreme introverts.


- Symbols of ambition and a willingness to work your way methodically ‘up the ladder’ in life, drawings of stairs and ladders also often indicate you have an important, long-term task in hand.

- They can represent a spiritual quest, too, perhaps a desire to be happier or more relaxed.


- A determined person with a specific goal in mind will draw arrows, subconsciously ‘aiming’ at his or her ‘target’.

- If the arrow is sharp and angular, the target probably is something important — perhaps a person who needs to be confronted or a job that needs to be applied for.

- If it is more fluid — and decorated — it’s likely to be the target is an affair of the heart or something the doodler feels passionate about.


- Doodling any form of transport often indicates a desire to escape from a situation.


- This common doodle indicates a need for security. A neat drawing of a house suggests a secure home life, a more messy-looking sketch (especially one without windows) indicates unhappiness with your home life.


- Doodling your name or initials is common for those who enjoy being the centre of attention. - - Doodling someone else’s name, on the other hand, shows they are in your thoughts — perhaps romantically or because they are a presenting a problem you need to deal with.


- Stars are often drawn by ambitious people. Lots of little stars indicate optimism. If you’ve drawn one big, bold, embellished star, you’ve got a definite goal in your sights.

- Neat, uniform stars suggest good mental focus, while freehand, asymmetric stars show an energetic personality.


- Drawing a square indicates you want control of a situation — that you are thinking through a problem.

- If your squares progress to a cube or box, you’re likely to be a very efficient, analytical person who can deal with difficult situations with little fuss.


- Just as patterns made up of soft, flowing, curvy lines suggest a romantic, female approach to things, patterns made up of lots of straight lines, indicate more aggressive masculine characteristics.

- Zigzags are a particularly common doodle and show energetic thinking and a desire to get on with things.


 - Commonly doodled by highly successful people, the simple stick figure reveals someone who is in control of their emotions and incredibly focused on their goals in life.