The Secret Garden Party

I would go as far to say that this festival is probably the best festival I’ve ever been too!

The Secret Festival which is set in the beautiful Cambridgeshire countryside.

I worked at Secret Garden radio which involved broadcasting a few shows a day out to the campsites and local area, this was both great fun and an amazing experience.

It is a festival of the arts…where everyone is the artist. There is so much going on in secret Garden that everywhere you turn you discover something new and exciting. Ball pools, the village hall, big wheels, phone boxes that ring, the collisillyium, dens in trees, random doors, moving pianos, juke boxes, tattoo tents, dance off areas, magnetic letters, bubble men, trumpet puppets, lakes to skinny dip in, post office to send letters, fireworks etc.

There is quite literally madness all around, if your not covered head to toe in glitter and fancy dress you stand out like a sore thumb!  The music is varied, the people are wonderful and the general vibe is second to none! I wish real life was like this all the time!