West Mids Sees Big Rise In Rough Sleeping

31 January 2019, 12:17

Homeless Person

Birmingham is one of the top 10 authorities in England with the largest number of rough sleepers.

Outside of London, it's the second biggest city with such high numbers; 91 were recorded last Autumn.

Across the West Mids, the county saw the biggest jump out of five regions in England, with an increase of 42% since 2017.

London accounted for over a quarter (27%) of the national numbers, which saw a slight drop at 2%.

Figures show there are less young people under the age of 25 who are sleeping rough and the same number of women (14%) are recorded sleeping rough.

Here are the 10 local authorities in England with the largest number of people sleeping rough in autumn 2018:

1. Westminster 306

2. Camden 141

3. Manchester 123

4. Birmingham 91

5. Bristol 82

6. Newham 79

7. Enfield 78

8. Hillingdon 70

9. City of London 67

10. Brighton & Hove 64

The numbers come as Birmingham MP for Hodge Hill, Liam Byrne has called on the Prime Minister to do more about rough sleeping.

It's after 31 year old Kane Walker died close to the Bullring, after going into cardiac arrest on Sunday.