West Midlands Police React To London Bridge Attack

5 June 2017, 13:57 | Updated: 5 June 2017, 15:11

Police in Birmingham have been reacting to the terror attack on London Bridge.

After the terror attack in London on Saturday night police forces across the West Midlands have been reacting to the news.

7 people were killed when a van hit pedestrians on London Bridge before three men attack passersby with knives in Borough market.

Extra police were put on over the weekend at big events in the West Midlands such as the cricket at Edgbaston and Motofest in Coventry.

West Midlands Police released a statement reassuring the public and asking them to remain vigilant.

West Midlands Police Chief Constable Dave Thompson said: “Our hearts go out to the family and friends of those who lost their lives in London.  We also think of those who witnessed terrible acts of violence."

“Among the carnage and confusion of this terror attack, the emergency services and ordinary people displayed remarkable acts of courage and human kindness.

“We’re in close contact with colleagues in the Metropolitan Police to offer our support and to understand more about the attack.

“As people would expect, we’re once again reviewing all of our already well-rehearsed plans and will take any steps necessary to keep people safe.

“Locally, we were quick to respond following Saturday’s attack and purely as a reassurance move we temporarily restricted access to Birmingham’s Broad Street while businesses remained as usual. The restrictions were lifted at 3am having been implemented at 11.30pm.

“Other key locations across the region also saw enhanced patrols. Again, this was simply to reassure people worried by events in the capital and not in response to any local threat.”

West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson, said: "After the awful terrorist attack in London my thoughts are with the victims and their families.

"As always the emergency services displayed heroism in the face of danger and I pay tribute to them.

"I am in regular contact with the Chief Constable and am working with him to ensure people of the West Midlands continue to be protected.

"I would urge people to be vigilant, but above all else carry on with your daily lives. We should not be and will not be cowed by those who seek to divide us."