Man Jailed For 10 Years For Slashing Man's Throat In Birmingham

11 August 2016, 18:58 | Updated: 11 August 2016, 19:00

James Lee

A man who slashed a man's throat with a stanley knife in a Birmingham pub has been jailed.

At the trial a jury heard the victim would have bled to death in Erdington in June if customers at the pub hadn't acted so quickly to help.

James Lee who's 57 and from Erdington has been jailed for 10 years.

Builder Lee, from South Road in Erdington, was knocked unconscious during the fight that broke out just before 10pm and West Midlands Police officers found the pair lying just feet apart covered in blood.

The 57-year-old refused to answer questions in police interview but was charged attempted murder.

Prosecutors later accepted a guilty plea of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and at Birmingham Crown Court on Friday (Aug 5) he was jailed for 10 years and handed an extended licence period of four years.

Investigating officer, Detective Constable Michael Lynch from the force’s Violent Crime Team, described the attack as drink-fuelled and totally unprovoked.

He said: "Lee’s friend took a clear disliking to the victim: CCTV showed him staring intently at him before walking over and punching him in the side. 

"He reacted and floored the man − who was visibly drunk and swaying on his feet − before Lee followed him away from the bar and pulled the knife from a trouser pocket.

"The victim was wearing a white T-shirt at the time but witnesses described it turning red within a matter of seconds such was the rapid blood loss.

"Anyone who carries a knife runs the risk of using it or having it used on them. Lee may not have expected he would use the knife when he went out that evening but by the end of the night he had almost taken the life of another person…and now must face the consequences.

"Lee has rightly been handed a very long spell behind bars. Carrying any kind of knife in a public place is unacceptable, no excuses."