CCTV Footage

POLICE are again releasing further CCTV footage this morning as the investigation into identifying offenders involved in the recent disorder continues.

 The latest video shows a group of people breaking into Co-op News Express on Aston Street in Birmingham on Tuesday 9 August at around 9pm.

 The group are seen breaking through the shutters, piling into the shop and stealing whatever they can get their hands on, including ice cream.

 Detective Chief Inspector Steven Reed, who is leading the investigation into identifying offenders, said: "We're going through hours of footage and we will continue to release these videos until the offenders are identified.

 "I call on the members of the community to take the time to look at the footage and, if you know who anyone is, do the right thing and give us a call.

 "The response so far has been fantastic and I thank everyone who has given us a call, but we really do need the information to keep coming in to us."