Birmingham Set To Recieve NHS Cash Boost

5 August 2019, 06:25 | Updated: 5 August 2019, 06:26

Hospital scene

Hospitals in Birmingham are to receive £97.1 million in extra cash for the government.

The Prime Minister is set to announce 20 NHS hospitals in England will benefit from £850 million to upgrade outdated facilities and equipment.

His pledge will add to Theresa May's £33.9 billion annual increase for the health service by 2023/24.

But experts said the sum, while desperately needed, is just a fraction of what is required to fix ailing NHS buildings across the country.

Politicians warned that his no-deal Brexit stance would jeopardise his spending ability, with Labour saying such a departure from the EU will "put lives at risk".

The announcement prompted nurses, charities and health think tanks to call for additional funding.

NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens said: "This is a significant start to the much needed capital investment so that our nurses, doctors and other NHS staff will be able to care for their patients in modern facilities with state of the art equipment."

Boris Johnson will visit a hospital in Lincolnshire on Monday to make the announcement.