Birmingham MP Receives Hundreds Of 'Rape Messages' On Twitter

31 May 2016, 16:32 | Updated: 31 May 2016, 17:14

Jess Phillips Birmingham Yardley MP

The Yardley MP says she received hundreds of messages on Twitter about raping her over the bank holiday weekend

Jess Phillips has said "Twitter is dead" after trolls sent her more than 600 messages on Twitter about raping her in one night.

The surge of abuse against the Yardley MP seems to have been launched after she replied to one person who said "I wouldn't even rape you".

She tweeted on Monday morning: 


Speaking about the recent abuse she told Capital:

"It's not a solution just to block and ignore them in my case. The only solution in stopping me seeing it is if I stop going on Twitter which is a very real possibility."

She added that the "ringleaders" of the abuse should face either civil or criminal action.

"Until Twitter makes this sort of thing stop happening and stops accepting that this sort of dogpiling and mass bullying can happen, their business model is totally flawed. People who don't like this feral side of the internet are just going to walk away."