Anti-Knife Crime Campaign Launched

West Midlands Police have launched an anti-knife crime campaign.

Metal detectors are gonna start popping up at schools, colleges and bus stops in Birmingham, as part of a new knife crime crackdown. 

West Midlands police are asking teenagers to tell them about anyone they know carrying a blade - with the warning that not reporting it could see you in court as well. 

Leading the campaign for West Midlands Police, Superintendent Basit Javid said: 
"Knife crime is down in the West Midlands but as a community, we must ask ourselves how many more crimes will be committed and lives lost as a result of people carrying knives?
"It is illegal to carry a knife in public and if, like me, people believe that one knife related crime is one too many, they must make a
stand and come forward with information which will help us tackle the problem. We will always take action against those found carrying a knife with offenders looking to receive a minimum jail term of four years."