WATCH: Zara Larsson Calls Out Fans That Beef With Each Other In Instagram Rant

7 November 2018, 12:09

Zara Larsson has taken to Instagram to ask fandoms to stop beefing with one another, calling it 'boring' and asking people to mind their own business...

Zara Larsson is never one to shy away from speaking her mind online, something that has previously seen her landed in hot water with Chris Brown fans, but now, the 'Ruin My Life' singer has turned her sights onto her own fans, asking them to stop beefing amongst themselves and other fandoms in a pretty honest Instagram video.

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Speaking into the camera, the 20-year-old puts it to her fans by saying: "There's just one thing i don't really like... when some of you start beef with other people, other fandoms, I don't get it, just ignore it, we're doing our thing and we're doing our thing".

"When someone goes out of their way to be like 'blah blah sucks', first of all you're a miserable person and for the other ones, don't answer that, block it, bye, just block it, why can't we all be friends, that's all I want to know?"

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The Swedish singer has always been about spreading the love and promoting causes that she cares about, most recently a campaign with Durex and RED an aids organisation to promote safe sex, which we totally respect the star for doing.

Overall though, we're pretty curious to know just what has caused her to make a video begging her fans to squash any feuds they have, which Zara fans have been out there starting online beef?

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