WATCH: YUNGBLUD Corrects His Own Wikipedia Page

27 March 2019, 15:00 | Updated: 27 March 2019, 15:19

YUNGBLUD took some time out of his busy schedule to correct his own Wikipedia page... for instance, did you really think he plays the oboe?!

YUNGBLUD is quickly becoming a LOT of people's favourite new artist and it's easy to see why. With his honest lyrics and catchy choruses he's everything you'd want in a rockstar and his energy is on a whole other level.

However, when you quickly become famous, a Wikipedia page will undoubtedly appear. The problem is that not everything you read on Wikipedia is necessarily true. So, YUNGBLUD is here to make some corrections when it comes to his page.

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YUNGBLUD corrects his own Wikipedia page
YUNGBLUD corrects his own Wikipedia page. Picture: Capital

Whether it's talking about his biggest musical influences or the fact he definitely can't play an oboe, YUNGBLUD has done a little editing to his own page just so you're all getting the correct info when you google him later.

YUNGBLUD, real name Dominic Harrison, recently teamed up with Blink 182 legend Travis Barker as well as his girlfriend and pop icon Halsey on a brand new tune '11 Minutes'.

He's also just released a live album, 'Live In Atlanta', showcasing his biggest hits played during a high energy set while touring in the USA.

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