Wretch 32 Supports London Riots Appeal

The Tottenham-born rapper has pledged his support to an appeal to help reclaim the Capital's streets.

Despite two top five hits so far this year, Wretch 32 (real name Jermaine Scott) still lives on the Tottenham estate he grew up on, and was horrified by the effect of the London riots on his home turf.

The rapper told The Daily Star, the organisers of the campaign to reclaim London streets, that although what happened during the riots was "crazy", the important thing now is "where we can progress from here".

He has given his backing to the newspaper's 'Reclaim Out Streets' appeal, which will distribute funds to those who have been hardest hit by the riots across the country.

Wretch 32 was horrified to discover the chaos surrounding his home in Tottenham, North London, when he returned from a gig in Northern Ireland. "It's like something out of one of those films where it's the last day on Earth," he told the Evening Standard at the time of the riots.