Wretch 32 on the Jeremy Kyle Show!

7 February 2011, 09:04

Hot new British rapper Wretch 32 has burst into the hit music limelight with his amazing debut single 'Traktor', in which he proclaims 'My lifestyle's terribly wild but you'll never catch me on the Jeremy Kyle Show". Well Capital's James Barr decided to surprise the star by introducing him to Mr. Jeremy Kyle himself. Listen to what happened below.

When James told Wretch that Jeremy Kyle was on the other line, a stunned Wretch 32 responded with the word 'Oh!'.

Not giving Wretch a chance to compose his thoughts, Kyle exclaimed: "You got issues, issues with your songwriting, issues in your personal life. You're using my name, I'm not getting any of the royalties. We need to discuss this. You need to come on the Jeremy Kyle Show!"

You can listen to the very funny call below:

Wretch 32 chats with Jeremy Kyle