Wretch 32: "Rappers Are Like Shakespeare"

12 April 2012, 12:13 | Updated: 12 April 2012, 12:21

The 'Traktor' star admits rappers can easily be compared with the legendary poet and playwright.

Wretch 32 has confessed that there are "definite comparisons" between William Shakespeare and rappers.

The 'Don't Go' star was speaking in response to the claims from the artistic director of the Royal Shakespeare Company who likened Jay and Will.i.am to the famous playwright.

Writing in The Sun, he said: "Shakespeare was an expert at storytelling, coming up with similes and metaphors. The ability to be speaking about one thing, while actually referring to something else, is one thing that he did brilliantly.

"And it's what a good rapper should be able to do. We’re always using double meaning. On that front, the comparison with Jay-Z makes perfect sense. He's always talking metaphorically — and his songs have a lot of depth. You could hear something new every time you listen to them."

The London born artist also admitted his own work has been influenced by Shakespeare.

He added: "Take my track 'Don't Go', which was, on the surface, a love song. But I actually wrote it about my love for music. At first, when I told people that, they didn’t get it at all but, after a few listens, it clicked. And that’s something that Shakespeare started."

Eminem is another star which Wretch highlights as a perfect example of the comparisons between the poet and rap stars.

"Another rapper that has a lot in common with Shakespeare, I think, is Eminem, especially in terms of his wordplay, which is always very funny. They both share a love of puns.

"Eminem also loves to work hard on his syllables and make sure everything rhymes where it should. Which, if you read his works, applies to Shakespeare, too. His appeal has lasted so long because he was the best at what he did."

Meanwhile, the rapper is currently working on his new studio album and admitted he was around 80% complete on the record.