Usher tells of Justin Bieber audition

Usher has told the story of Justin Bieber's first audition.

Speaking on Loose Women he said: 'I did tell him, and I think this will continue to be relevant for his story, is if it's truly meant it'll happen.

'The first time we ever met was in a parking lot, I was in a session and it was very cold outside.

'He said, 'I'm Justin and I'd really like to sing for you, I'm a big fan of yours.'

He added: 'So I said, 'Come inside man, it's cold out here,'. We went into the corridor and I said, 'You know what? I don't think you should do it right now if it's truly meant it'll happen and we will meet again.

'The next time I saw him was a week and a half later, I met his manager and he came to my studio.'