The Many Faces Of Union J's Jaymi Hensley... Explained Through The Medium Of GIFs!

7 August 2014, 08:52 | Updated: 27 August 2014, 15:19

Union J Jaymi Hensley Vine

Has he got the worst poker face ever? Probably, but that's why we love him!

It's safe to say that Jaymi Hensley is Union J's most opinionated member... And that's probably why we love him so much! But considering Jaymi isn't afraid to say what he thinks, this can usually result in a number of very impressive facial expressions. 

Now, (thanks to our handy guide) you'll NEVER have to guess what Jaymi's thinking ever again, because we've totally cracked his facial expression code- just refer to this whenever you're unsure!

1. Sad Jaymi  

Shame on ANYONE who has ever made Jaymi make these puppy dog eyes!

2. Happy Jaymi

Well, who DOESN'T like getting presents?!

3. Angry Jaymi 

30% anger, 70% sass to be exact (which is actually a lot more terrifying judging by this GIF).

4. Awkward Jaymi

If 'awkward turtle' had a matching facial expression, this would be it.

5. Judge-y Jaymi 

Jaymi isn't impressed with your behaviour, peasant.

6. Diva Jaymi 

This Jaymi IS NOT playing around. Fetch him a chamomile tea and some snazzy hair product before someone gets hurt.

7. Curious Jaymi 

To be honest, if Jaymi ever got that close to us we'd be too busy fainting to wonder what he was thinking at that moment in time!


Fact: Watching Jaymi laugh automatically makes you 20 times happier. It's the boyband equivalent of watching two puppies snuggling. 

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