The Wanted: "Justin Bieber Was Too Humble To Give Advice"

10 February 2012, 15:47 | Updated: 10 February 2012, 16:10

The 'Warzone' singers say the 'Somebody To Love' pop star is very appreciative of his success in the industry.

The Wanted say Justin Bieber was "too humble" to give them advice on their music career.

The 'Glad You Came' singers supported the Canadian pop star for several dates on his South American tour last year, and say they talked more about sport than about their respective careers.

"I think he's too humble for that, in a way," Max George told MTV News. "He's not someone that really gives advice.

"I think he just appreciates what happens to him rather than think he's God, so I mean, we don't really talk music," he explained.  "When we speak to him it's more we talk about football or basketball.

"I think he knows that we know how to do what we want to do in the same way that we could never tell him how to do what he does, 'cause he does it a lot better than we ever could," fellow band member Jay McGuiness added.

The 'Mistletoe' singer tweeted The Wanted earlier this week while they were on tour in the US, and described them as being "good people".

The Wanted wrapped their first US tour on Wednesday (8th February) with a sold-out performance in Los Angeles.