Ariana "Loves" Singing With Boyfriend Nathan Sykes: "It's Comforting"

12 November 2013, 14:27

The singer says she enjoys getting to sing live with The Wanted star.

Ariana Grande says she finds it "comforting" to perform on stage alongside her boyfriend Nathan Sykes from The Wanted, and says she "loves" getting to sing with him.

The 'Almost Is Never Enough' star, who confirmed her romance with Nathan earlier this year, also says she is constantly impressed by the 'Show Me Love (America)' singer's vocal talents.

"It's comforting to have him on stage with me," Ariana revealed to Sugarscape this week. "I never know what he's going to do vocally though.


Check out a picture of Nathan Sykes and Ariana Grande in their 'Almost Is Never Enough' music video below:

"He always comes out and does all these surprise runs that I've never heard before, so I'm just nervous that I'm going to mess up a harmony or something because I'll be blown off track by the run that surprised me," the US star explained. "[Nathan's voice] is amazing, he's gift. I love singing with him. 

"We've not had a chance to write together, but I do love singing with him," she added. "It's fun. It's nice to be with a musician, I've never had that connection with somebody before."

The Wanted returned with new album 'Word Of Mouth' earlier this month.