The Vamps 'Last Night Lyrics': The 5 Lines You NEED To Know

24 February 2014, 12:48

The Vamps Last Night Artwork

When you hear the track, sing-a-long and let us know your favourite line fromt he track.

So The Vamps are back with their hugely infectious new single 'Last Night' and it's got everyone pining for the summer already.

It's also packed full of memorable lyrics that can't help but put a smile on your face.

There's plenty of nostalgia in their too as the boys ponder their actions from the previous night and waking up with that painful sunlight scorching into their eyes. Ye-ouch!

Check out Capital's favourite 6 lyrics from the tune and tell us if you agree?


1. "This kiss could be our last/ C'mon and raise your glass"

We've all been there. It's getting towards the end of the night and you want to make your move? A bit of cheeky charm can work wonders don't ka know! Remember, Pink was also fond of a raising of one's glass - and who's gonna argue with her?

Image: Tumblr


2. "Wake up in the morning/ With the sunlight in my eyes"

It's that horrid moment when the scorching sun beams through your window and acts as nature's alarm clock. You've only had about 20 mins kip and are not ready to start thinking about the night before just yet. 

Image: Tumblr


3. "No we're not going home tonight/ Wake up when the stars are shining"

It's pretty much the explanation for numero two and shows that these boys are party animals. Besides, everything looks better in the moonlight right? And plus, who can say no to a quick smooch underneath all those flickering stars?

Image: Tumblr


4. "What the hell happened last night?"

We've all been there right? This one needs little explanation.

Image: Tumblr


5. "Yeah girl let's live it up/ One night is all we've got"

That Bradley Simpson is sure a smooth talker eh? Well, what would you say?

Image: Tumblr


Ah well.... what follows last night? A good morning!