The Vamps Name Busted And Paolo Nutini As Biggest Musical Influences

23 January 2014, 14:16

The 'Wild Heart' four-piece name their musical idols fresh from scoring another huge chart hit.

The Vamps have opened up about their biggest musical influences and named artists like Paolo Nutini and Busted as huge inspirations for them growing up.

The 'Can We Dance' four-piece returned to the Vodafone Big Top 40 chart this past weekend with their new single 'Wild Heart', and have now given fans a big insight into their own personal musical idols.

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"There are different artists who inspire different aspects of our music," singer Brad told Digital Spy. "For me, I played guitar for three years before I even started singing, so to inspire me to play guitar it was Angus Young [from AC/DC] and the film School Of Rock.

"For singing, it was probably Paolo Nutini. the style I really got into was his, and Arctic Monkeys were probably a big one," he explained. "For me, one of the first albums where I could listen to every song was Paolo Nutini's 'These Streets'. It's just ridiculous and really well written.

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"Busted and Good Charlotte," guitarist James McVey also revealed. "If it wasn't for those two bands, then I wouldn't have ever got into guitar.

"But for writing it's Taylor Swift, obviously," he added, ahead of the group joining the '22' star on the road in March.