The Script Fans: 11 Things EVERY Super-Fan Of The Boys Has Felt At One Point Or Another

19 January 2015, 09:04 | Updated: 19 January 2015, 09:21

The Script Press Shot 2014

As The Script enter the race for #BestFans2015... here's our guide to knowing whether you're a TRUE fan of Danny, Mark and Glen or not.

The Script have been scoring hit after hit for the past SEVEN years now... and their fan-base is stronger than EVER!

Danny, Mark and Glen have a super-strong following behind them thanks to their incredible tunes, awe-inspiring live shows… and, quite possibly, Danny's ever-impressive cheekbones!

So sit back and check out these reasons why The Script's fans TOTES deserve the #BestFans2015 crown.

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1. When Danny reached out his hand to the crowd at the Capital Jingle Bell Ball 2014 with Morrisons... you were SO jealous of the lucky fans who got to touch The Script's leading man


2. When you watched this clip, you wished with EVERY fibre of your being that The Script boys actually WERE on Tinder...


3. You love how patriotic The Script are, and they make you love your country JUST as much as they do


4. It's JUST not the same on The Voice UK without your boy sitting in that big red chair...


5. You learned what being a best friend TRULY means from these three chaps...


6. You could NOT stop LOLing when you saw the boys being #Lads by toasting their cups of tea... with hilarious results!


7. You don't ALWAYS understand the boys... but you love them all the same!


8. When The Script performed 'Superheroes' live at the #CapitalJBB you sang along to EVERY word... whether you were there in person or not!


9. You know who the REAL 'Sex Bomb' is...


10. If anyone was EVER to get you a birthday present... it would be to be in a crowd like THIS one day


11. This is still your ULTIMATE karaoke number... and always will be!


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