The Saturdays Deny Break Rumours

Rochelle tells Capital it's all systems go despite Una's baby plans.

The Saturdays have denied rumours that they're taking a two-year break, telling Capital they have no plans to take time off despite Una's recent announcement that she's expecting her first baby with England Rugby star Ben Foden.

"Everyone is assuming we're having a two year break, just because one of us is pregnant which is completely not true," Rochelle told us.

"It's all systems go, we've got a tour to do, we've got the album out, the single out, we've got a baby, we are all go. Us girls are so excited to be aunties too."

The Saturdays are set to embark on their 'All Fired Up' tour in December following the release of their new album 'On Your Radar' on November 21st.

Rochelle explained that the girls have been much more hands on with their third record.

"It's different because we wrote most of the tracks on the album and we've really been involved creatively this time," she added.

They also told us just how cold it really was filming the video for their next single 'My Heart Takes Over' in Iceland.

"It was absolutely freezing, it was like something out of a film," Rochelle said.

"It was terribly unglamorous but hopefully it will turn out to be quite a glamorous video," Una added.

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