Saturdays set for first No 1

The Saturdays are set to score the first ever No.1 single this summer - according to JLS!

The girls are getting ready to comeback with new material and Rochelle's boyfriend Marvin has-naturally-heard their new single, Notorious.

Marvin told Capital he predicts big things for the song, "Me and JB went down to the shoot in LA a couple of weeks ago. The new single is wicked...I think this could possibly be the girls first No 1.

"The girls are releasing before us so we're not going to have any boyfriend girlfriend battles in the chart - no way"

All we know at this stage is that the track contains the lyrics "I'm an outlaw/ I'm the big boss/ I'm a gangster/ on the dance floor," it reads.

The single is written by Ina Wroldsen, who has previously worked with the group on 'If This Is Love' and 'Up',