The Saturdays "Five Hour" Hideout To Avoid McFly

The 'All Fired Up' singers didn't want Frankie and Dougie bumping into one another at a gig.

So The Saturdays reportedly spent five hours hiding in a football players' changing room so that Frankie and her McFly ex could avoid an awkward meeting.

Both bands were performing at the Towneley Live festival in Burnley, but strategic timing and a secret Saturdays hideaway at Burnley FC meant there was no encounter between the two.

"Organisers arranged transport for the girls so they would arrive at the festival site once McFly had left," a source told the Daily Mirror.

"They both made it clear that they respect each other's privacy so it was more to make sure there wasn't any unnecessary awkwardness."

Luckily McFly were first on at the gig so The Saturdays arrived after the boys had headed for another show in Doncaster.

Frankie is now dating footballer Wayne Bridge who she took to the show on Saturday.