The Saturdays' Frankie Opens Up On Depression Battle During Glamour Magazine Interview

28 March 2012, 18:59 | Updated: 28 March 2012, 19:01

The 'All Fired Up' star says she has been fighting the illness since she was a child.

The Saturdays singer Frankie Sandford has opened up for the first time on her recent illness in an interview with Glamour magazine.

The 'Up' star admitted she had battled depression and was set off on a "spiral of negative thinking" before her time away from the limelight.

Talking about her illness, she said: "It set off this spiral of negative thinking - that if I disappeared, it wouldn't matter to anyone. In fact, it would make everybody's life easier. I felt that I was worthless, that I was ugly, that I didn't deserve anything."

"I'd always had this thing about my friends and family: that I haven't made enough time for them because I've been working since I was 12. I've always felt that I should have been a better friend... It got to the point where I thought it would be better for everyone if I just went away."

The girl band member also revealed that she even doubted her own appearance and worried what people were thinking about her all the time.

She added: "Every time I spoke to someone, I'd be thinking, 'They probably think I'm a horrible person. Am I boring them? Do I look ugly?'"

You can view a picture of Frankie in her shoot with the publication below: (Picture: Glamor)

Frankie Sandford in Glamour Magazine

Frankie confessed that she has battled with problems since she was young and used to feel ill through worry.

"Since childhood I've been an over thinker, and I used to make myself sick with worrying... So there was a part of me thinking I was putting it on, that I wasn't properly sick, and only sick people should be in hospital. I thought that since mine was only a mind thing, I should snap out of it," she revealed.

The star admitted she wished people could speak more openly about the matter and said her time in hospital let her spend time with people who were able to understand her properly.

You can view a picture of Frankie in her shoot with the publication below: (Picture: Glamor)

Frankie Sandford in Glamour Magazine

"If people actually spoke honestly to each other, they'd realise that a lot of their friends have problems like mine. [In hospital] was the first time I felt like I was among people who really understood me.

"I got so good at covering it up, I didn't confide in anyone. Firstly, you just don't think anyone will understand; secondly, you wouldn't want to bother anyone with it, as you feel so worthless. I thought I was selfish, miserable and ungrateful. I'd been given this amazing life, but I wasn't happy."

The Saturdays star revealed that she now feels back to herself and aims not to put any more added pressure on herself.

"I did lose myself, but I feel like me again now. But I try not to put pressure on myself - it's unrealistic, no one is 100% happy all of the time."

You can view a picture of Frankie Sandford on the cover of Glamour magazine below: (Picture: Glamour)

Frankie Sandford in Glamour Magazine