Noisettes - Wild Young Hearts

Their inescapable hit single, 'Don't Upset The Rhythm' is an early contender for single of the year but what's the album like?

Well, quite a mixed bag actually. Kicking off with gorgeous acoustic ballad, 'Sometimes', which is reminiscent of trip hop combo, Morcheeba, the album incorporates a variety of styles but maintains the commercial sensibility which catapulted their latest single to chart success.

The sprightly title track, with its hand claps and catchy guitar hooks is a song built for the indie dancefloor, while break-up anthem, '24 Hours' juxtaposes its heartbreaking lyrics to a toe-tappingly good beat.

Next single, the soulful 60s vibe of 'Never Forget You' is definitely one of the stand out moments, showing off singer, Shingai Shoniwa's distinctive vocals to their fullest, while the appropriately titled 'Saturday Night' could even rival 'Don't Upset The Rhythm' in the danceability stakes.

While their first album made little impression on the chart, with an album as good as this under their belts, this time round the big time is theirs for the taking.


April 20th on Mercury Records

Song you must download:
Wild Young Hearts

1. Sometimes
2. Don't Upset The Rhythm
3. Wild Young Hearts
4. 24 Hours
5. Every Now And Then
6. Beat Of My Heart
7. Atticus
8. Never Forget You
9. So Complicated
10. Saturday Night
11. Cheap Kicks

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