Taylor Swift Engagement & Marriage Rumours Grow As Joe Alwyn's Family 'Won't Confirm Or Deny'

11 December 2020, 11:12 | Updated: 11 December 2020, 11:15

Taylor Swift sparked rumours she's engaged to Joe Alwyn
Taylor Swift sparked rumours she's engaged to Joe Alwyn. Picture: Vogue / Getty

Taylor Swift has re-ignited speculation she’s engaged or even married to Joe Alwyn as his family 'don't deny' anything either!

Taylor Swift is at the centre of engagement rumours for the millionth time as her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn's family refuse to deny the pair may have even tied the knot to a tabloid who quizzed them.

The publication reports the family member 'laughed' and said: "I'm sorry, I'm not going to say anything."

This comes after she released her surprise album, 'Evermore' and music video for 'Willow' where many think she's hinting to marriage wearing a white dress.

Taylor Swift's 'Willow' Lyrics Decoded & Fan Theories From Joe Alwyn To 'Folklore' references

Taylor Swift - willow

This comes after the singer shared a very cryptic Instagram post.

Following her interview with Vogue, the 29 year old shared some photos from her cover shoot, captioning one image of herself ballet dancing in a gorgeous blue gown:

“My heart’s been borrowed and yours has been blue. All’s well that ends well, to end up with you” which are lyrics from her upcoming album’s title track ‘Lover’.

Upon closer inspection, a piece of string can be seen tied around her finger and Swifties have been dissecting all the clues ever since, as Taylor is known to drop clues in absolutely everything she does – although they usually hint at her music and not her personal life.

Most of her fans are convinced Taylor is engaged to boyfriend Joe Alwyn, the pop star even liked one Swifty’s post on Tumblr which read: “Wait…….. my heart’s been borrowed and yours has been blue…… something borrowed and something blue…… ma’am.”

Taylor wears a piece of string on her finger in her shoot for Vogue
Taylor wears a piece of string on her finger in her shoot for Vogue. Picture: Vogue
Taylor appears on the front cover of Vogue
Taylor appears on the front cover of Vogue. Picture: Vogie

A lot of her followers on Twitter also pointed out in her music video for ‘Me!’ she says she doesn’t want a ring when Brendon Urie gets down on one knee, which may be why she rocked a piece of string in the shoot – many fans think this is a reference to “tying the knot”.

Taylor has managed to successfully keep her relationship with Joe Alwyn out of the spotlight, but many Swifites are also speculating whether ‘Lover’ will be Taylor’s way of revealing her engagement.

The pop star said in her Vogue interview her new album feels like “a new beginning”.

There are so many ways in which this album feels like a new beginning,” she said. “This album is really a love letter to love, in all of its maddening, passionate, exciting, enchanting, horrific, tragic, wonderful glory.”

While it could simply be a song lyric, we have no doubt Tay Tay will continue to tease fans in order to keep us gripped ahead of her highly-anticipated new album release.

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