Taylor Swift Is Shutting Down ‘The Swift Life’ App After One Year

3 January 2019, 10:23

Taylor Swift announces the end of ‘The Swift Life’ app.
Taylor Swift announces the end of ‘The Swift Life’ app. Picture: Instagram/Getty

The end of an era for ‘The Swift Life’ app.

Taylor Swift has announced she will be closing the chapter on ‘The Swift Life’ next month. The app launched in December 2017 and served as a social media network for fans to use ‘Taymoji’ stickers and access exclusive photos and videos.

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In a post to fans, the app announced that it would be officially shutting shop on February 1st.

In the press release issued through socials, the app encourages fans to use any virtual currency as she bids farewell to her sixth studio album 'Reputation'.

"As the 'Reputation' era comes to an end, our time on The Swift Life will be ending too," the announcement reads.

"The app is no longer available to download and on February 1, 2019, The Swift Life will shut down. Current fans have until this date to utilize the virtual currency they've accumulated.”

The app was created by Glu, the company behind many celebrity apps including the Kardashian-Jenners' who announced the end of their personal apps only two weeks ago.

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